As cliché as it sounds, I love writing and stories have always fascinated me – it's part of the reason why I chose to study journalism. More importantly, sharing stories is part of what it means to be human and I feel like this is what journalists do best; share stories, ideas and opinions in a way that is relatable. In much the same way that it is the smaller moments which make up the bigger picture of life, articles should touch on all aspects of humanity - from the biggest geopolitical events of the week, to those small moments that come to represent the greater human experience.

I want to serve others by using my own skills as a journalist, a writer, and a storyteller.  I have a passion to leave behind a positive footprint on this planet through the power of the written word. I want to make a difference and I want to make change. I want to shed a light on the darkness in the world and hold those in power to account, especially if they misuse that power. However, I also want people to appreciate their own lives more, I want to show that life is not all doom and gloom and that at a micro-level, humanity is kind and compassionate.

I want to break stereotypes and show humanity at its best and at its worst. I want to share different perspectives on the human experience in the hopes that through this process we are able to come to a greater level of understanding between each other and with ourselves. I believe that’s the power of the written word and the civic duty of journalists. Ultimately, I believe if at least one person can relate and find comfort in some small way to something I publish, or challenges their own preconceived notions and learns something new from my stories, then I believe I'll have done my job.