Not just a city of churches: Is Adelaide the nation’s secret startup hub?

Adelaide has long been the butt of Australian jokes, often seen as the ‘boring’ city that is closed on Sundays, teeming with serial killers and only coming alive for one month of the year. However, with lower living costs and less business competition than other capital cities, along with State Government and City Council investments driving innovation and ideas creation, Adelaide could be on its way to becoming Australia’s little-known tech haven.

A very simple but effective trick

The smash-hit art installation, House of Mirrors, that debuted at Dark Mofo in Tasmania, is open for your gawking in the Garden of Unearthly Delights this Fringe. In a similar – albeit much refined – vein to the classic carnival tradition, House of Mirrors at the Garden of Unearthly Delights will delight and discombobulate Adelaide this Fringe as we walk through the 15 tonnes of glass and 40 tonnes of steel in this one-of-a-kind sculpture.

In[ter]view: Jindou Lee

In Verse's last interview of the year Jesse Neill speaks with Jindou Lee, CEO and founder of HappyCo, a software development company that helps automate property operations. Beginning in 2011, Jindou developed Happy Inspector, an iOS app aimed at addressing the lack of standardised documentation in property inspections. After moving to Silicon Valley in 2012 following the success of Happy Inspector, Jindou and his team developed Happy Manage and Happy Insights, forming the umbrella company HappyCo in 2015. Jindou discusses the unexpected success of Happy Investor and his move to Silicon Valley, as well as ways of encouraging young entrepreneurs to stay in Adelaide to boost innovation in this exciting but overlooked city.

Electorate Profile: Colton

Colton is an urban electoral district in South Australia’s House of Assembly. Its boundaries cover the western coastal suburbs between Henley Beach and Glenelg North, also including inland suburbs of Fulham Gardens, Kidman Park, Lockleys and the Adelaide Airport. Colton has been a Labor-held district for the past 16 years, however, changes to the boundaries in line with the state’s redistribution guidelines have transformed the electorate into a notional Liberal seat. The Labor voting suburbs

Sri Lankan society should help change attitudes surrounding youth leaving care: SOS Children's Village Says

It’s a small village, situated on the outskirts of Piliyandala, about 20 kilometres south of Colombo. The architecture is decorated with bright colours, walls adorned with child-like paintings and messages of hope. There is a distinct warmth and vitality to the environment, as a familiar sense of belonging hangs in the air. It feels like walking into a family home. To these children, it is home.
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